CA Democrats OK With Eliminating Jobs; to Hell With This Recession

Let me introduce you to the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This commission is the pollution enforcement and standards of the State, having virtually unlimited reach into any industry for any reason under the guise of “pollution control”. This is the group that develop and enforce the CAFE standards for automobile emissions, among other things. They are 100% into all things global warming.

From the Climate Change Emission Control Regulations FACT SHEET (PDF), the venerable Bible for the CARB and an insight as to how deluded the commission is when looking at the real world.

From the Fact Sheet:

Climate change is here today. The past century has already seen changes in climate related conditions such as average temperature (up seven tenths of a degree Fahrenheit), sea level (up 3 to 8 inches), spring run-off (decreased by 12 percent), and the timing of snowmelt and spring bloom (advanced by 1 to 3 weeks). Projected future climate change may affect California in a variety of ways.

Every one of those positions can be challenge effectively with reasonable scientific data. Moreover, they go on to say:

Environmental Justice
[The] Staff evaluated the effect of the regulation on low-income and minority communities. This analysis [which is not available to the public] indicated that businesses in such communities will benefit from the regulation, because much of the operating cost savings will be spent in other sectors of the economy and will result in increased jobs overall.

Let me say that again; the efforts of curbing greenhouse gasses will result in savings [that] will be spent in other sectors of the economy and will result in increased jobs overall.

Well, as usual, the lack of understanding government agencies have about the real world thrown in with a dash of unintended results, mixed together with small business has given the citizens of California Enhanced Vapor Recovery. This post is not about the science, engineering or benefits that Enhanced Vapor Recovery will bring to the air quality of CA, but the net impact it is having upon business.

The requirement, known as Phase II in the state’s Enhanced Vapor Recovery Program, is set to go into effect in April. It requires gas station owners to individually purchase tens of thousands of dollars of equipment designed to prevent harmful vapors from escaping into the air when gasoline is pumped.

Among [the affected small business owners] them is George Fasching, who after 31 years of selling gasoline at Fasching’s Car Wash in Arcadia, stopped in December. "I came to the decision that I was too small a volume operator to continue on with the expenses imposed by the bureaucracy of the state," Fasching said.

April’s requirements would have cost him $35,000, he said. "It will have some effect on my business, but at least I have the relief that I don’t have to deal with these people anymore," he said.  —LINK

Naturally, this will result in job loss. At a time when a Part-Time Receptionist Help Wanted [job] Gets 3520 Resumes In Under 24 Hours it appears that the State of California is not concerned with the 9.3% unemployment rate or adding people to the unemployment rolls.

Now get this, the commission said:

CARB officials believe the requirement is a manageable and necessary cost to curb air pollution and smog and to protect public health.

"We do calculate the cost of compliance with the regulation as related to emissions," Stanich said. "These costs could be recovered by raising gasoline prices by an average 0.68 cents per gallon."

April’s regulations promise to cut what are known as reactive organic gas emissions by 7 tons per day statewide, but opponents point to the fact that California produces 2,322 tons of such gases per day.

.3% savings per day in these emissions. .3%……Once again the government chooses to force upon businesses regulations and rules with limited impact on anything that matters.