Stop the Presses: Republican Lawmakers Oppose Democratic President

H/T The Observer

I like the NY Observer, it’s humorous, occasionally. Today is one of those days:

With apologies to all of the important and influential news outlets that are playing it up, there is absolutely nothing newsworthy about John Boehner’s apparent declaration of war on Barack Obama’s $825 billion economic stimulus package.

You didn’t actually think the top Republican in the U.S. House was going to support the new Democratic president’s first major legislative initiative, did you? This is what opposition leaders in Congress do. When Ronald Reagan took office, Tip O’Neill fought his tax cuts. When Bill Clinton was elected, Bob Dole, then the Senate G.O.P. leader, declared himself the “chaperone” of the new president’s honeymoon… In terms of the stimulus package, this means that, despite the high-volume debate about to unfold in Congress, the final vote should mainly be along party lines.

The real question is what will the republican candidate vote? I am hopeful though: McCain said. “If it doesn’t create jobs, then it’s just another spending project.”