Labeled by a liberal blogger

Erick’s outstanding post about William Kristol’s last column announcing the Death of Conservatism got me thinking. Who will replace the ever present Kristol?

Thankfully, our friends over at GAWKER went ahead and made some recommendations. And true to their Obama loving, latte drinking, no car owning, Algore is their savior way their replacement choices are exactly the people we here at Redstate are trying to remove from our conservative ranks.

This list, in all its glory is telling, if for no other reason that the people we are fighting against politically are defining our thinkers for us.

[By Pareene, who is a virulent-type lefty and frequent user of Chimpy McBushitler, so you see the direction this is heading]

Let’s think about some options!

What about a lovable conservative lady to balance out Dowd and Gail Collins? Not an Ann Coulter, but maybe a Kathleen Parker (though she is just maverick-y enough to be palatable to Times readers!). Or that one token conservative woman at the Slate ladyblog? [It’s called the XX Factor and is more than 1 blogger] Someone like her, but more famous…

So what about Bush speechwriters like Matt Scully or Michael Gerson? They can put words together! Or, hey, Mike Murphy—the former McCain hagiographer who became disgusted with his hero’s campaign after he was sacked?

And, of course, there’s the “future of the Republican party” guy. Oddly, right now, this means someone like Newt Gingrich, who is writing books about poverty and stuff, and not being the big prick he was in the ’90s. Or maybe Rod Dreher, the Conservative who cares about the environment and being nice to people and stuff!

They could go the libertarian route again, even though John Tierney didn’t work out. But who is a famous-enough liberatrian? How about Pamela “Atlas” Geller Oshry! She’s perfect! Make it happen, Rosenthal!

A disgusting and insulting list of people who have all advocated the marginalization of conservative principles (with a few exceptions) in order to be involved with the left moving progressives of the current Washington elite. Although I would be OK with Pamela Geller Oshry.