Journalism is now Gossip is now Journalism

Throughout the campaign Megan blogged on the happenings from the campaign trail. It was a good additional staple added to my weekly reads. Was it filtered? Probably. Was it directed by the campaign media manager? Probably. But as the candidates daughter there were times that it had the “Legally Blond” feel but there were always gems to be found. It, however is patently obvious that Megan and her mom Cindy are quite close.

So today I find in The Daily Beast a post from Megan, Cindy Speaks which drives home the latest news concerning the abject fawning by the media over Obama…

We want President-elect Obama to succeed because it’s what is best for the country. But for me it is a very bittersweet moment.

Yes, Cindy must make a good, Senators’ wife impression. But further on we find this:

[MM] I know I cringed at some articles written about you where you were accused of being a Stepford wife or a Barbie doll. Why do you think the media didn’t take the time to dig deeper into your personality and instead put you in a box?

[CM] Well, I think, without sounding bitter—and I’m not bitter—I do believe there was a media bias. I do believe that the media had a specific agenda and with that said, the American people cast their vote. But I do believe that there is a voyeuristic media: Everyone is a reporter now because everyone has a camera on their phone, the face of reporting in general has changed. There is very little difference now between journalism and gossip.
I truly feel that unless the media goes back to unbiased reporting they are going to do a disservice to the youth of this country. The future of this country lies in the youth and we have to be good stewards of information and truth. There is so much more to it than just one article and people telling lies, it affects much more than that. It is interesting that it got to the point where The New York Times profile of me is being used as an example of the bias in reporting in journalism classes, at your alma mater, Columbia’s journalism school, I believe.

And there lies the amazing gem nestled between the clothes and driving habits questions; Cindy McCain, Presidential Candidates wife, maligned time, and time, and time again by the media hits a home run.

When I wanted to respond to negative press, I would have to pretend it wasn’t bothering me. When the article came out about your brother [Jimmy McCain, USMC] and where he was, that was very, very difficult… Extremely irresponsible.

Cindy McCain is correct about the media bias and pitched reporting/opinion journal writing that was perpetrated this cycle and her observation that “the media had a specific agenda…there is very little difference now between journalism and gossip.”

And since the media industry is currently imploding and the average citizen is more interested in American Idol over the possibility of taxation of cows; then perhaps the only way to ensure survival is to follow the TMZ template.