Goats; just doing a job humans can't.

In this period of high unemployment and layoff’s, my hometown of Mesa, Arizona has determined that jobs once performed
by humans can be better accomplished by goats.

Mesa leases 80 goats to eat weeds

The city is contracting with a local company, the Arizona Herdsman Eco Goats, which has already sent 10 goats
to start chewing on 30 acres of weeds and brush at its water reclamation plant in northwest Mesa, north of Loop 202.

The $10,000 six-month contract is aimed at freeing up city crews to take on other responsibilities at the plant,
instead of dealing with the invasive foliage on a hard terrain.

The Utilities Director has a point:

“Obviously with the lack of burning fossil fuels and creating pollution that way and no noise pollution or fumes,
no risk of fuel spills and goats eating biodegradable waste, there’s no material being used considered harmful
to the environment,” Satter said.

Global Warming protests to begain in 3…..2……1