The bee, the liberal, and the Islamic extremist bomber.

Common goals of the social species.

The bee

I’ve wondered (or maybe I’ve been “amazed” would be a better choice of words) about the selflessness found in the insect world. Specifically the colonized species, such as bees, ants, and termites which are organized to such a point of efficiency that individuality and pursuit of personal gain have been totally eradicated from their societies.

One would be hard pressed to locate the honeybee’s peer when it comes to team effort. The female worker bee especially, will demonstrate the worthiness to receive the insect equivalent of The Medal of Honor if it existed, if called upon to defend the hive. And with her ultimate weapon, her stinger, she will, in here small way. Of course the award would be posthumous, as the delivery of that stinger, her one and only strike for the team, would be punctuated with her entrails dragged from her abdomen as she unceremoniously expires without knowledge of her impact on the bettering of the colony, if any. But the queen must be saved, at any personal cost.

As an outside observer, we may see that a foe of the hive was warded off and revel in her sacrifice. Or we could watch an invading animal destroy the hive and enjoy its fruit, the worker’s life wasted in vain, though we have no doubt of her commitment. With tens of thousands of loyal subjects available to inject an infinitely variable level of discomfort into the life of an invader, the simplicity of the death of any member(s) of the bee society is probably a great failsafe position if there is no regard for the individual. If it takes the sting of only one bee, that would be great. If it takes 100, fine. Whatever the cost, great or small, the rest of the hive is unaffected and for that matter, uncaring. What do you expect, they’re just insects.

When the enemy is from within, a new queen is reared; the hive splits and half of it will abscond to start a new colony the other half of the population loyal to the old queen stays and the society is at peace, in twain, but not warring, just the same. Such are the politics of the honeybee.

The suicide bomber

I’ve observed the honeybee correlation in the Islamic extremist suicide bombers and their last defiant acts, though I’m sure not as close of an observation as the bombers might wish. So viscerally enraged or indoctrinated on their perceived enemy is the Islamic extremist that they will self-destruct to inflict maximum damage with no prospect of enjoying the fruits of the battle or even seeing the betterment of his/her world. Like the female worker honeybee, by either conditioning or natural selection, the bomber seems to have lost the sense of individual self preservation and will pay the ultimate price to “further” the cause. Having little known pleasures in life, the joy of knowing that his enemy may suffer seems to be of sufficient exchange. When the bombing is unsuccessful in yielding enemy losses, the futility of the act is at least amusing to us. There is always entertainment value.

The extremist bomber may not be the best possible comparative example since contrary to the “motives” of the worker bee, the terrorist’s fervor in his mission may be confused for the bee’s apparent sincere altruism, as well as an overwhelming allegiance to a monarchy. But the Islamic extremist does seem to share the honeybee’s willingness to self-destruct, even with the full knowledge of the likely unheralded outcome. We know the bee does this instinctively; the bomber has justified his actions with reason. Or is that a proper definition?

The liberal

A better human analogy to an insect society is one that may be easily observed by Americans right in Washington, D.C. and everywhere across America. The most important elements of the hierarchy are in place: the perceived enemy, mindless rote, the monarchy, and the more human purpose of denying conservatives their earned rewards or any other joy in life whatsoever. That species is of course, the liberal, recently observed throwing its collective body on the grenade known as the Health Bill. This sacrifice is not so much to save or enrich society but in an effort to save the ‘King,’ namely, Obama. A desirable bonus would be impoverishing conservatives as much as possible through taxation. Any resemblance this may have to saving society is unexpected and I’m sure, unintended.

The best description of liberal instinctive action is already termed “the nuclear option.” The very appropriate term denotes a total disregard for the survival of society; tradition; the rule of law; or for that matter, the planet; unless of course, the liberals are in control of what remains. The liberal is also unconcerned with defecating in his own mess kit or the long-term prospects of his own personal station, political position, tenure, or the survival of his machismo. Whereas the Islamic extremist would be unaware of his failure or success, the liberal will at least physically survive his/her political kamikaze mission. The Islamic extremist knows nothing beyond the last moments in the imagined vision of success and his “important” contribution. This self-aggrandizing mental picture may exist in the mind of the bomber, despite the fact that even he has forgotten the name of the last bomber.

The liberal, undaunted by the fear of becoming the object of a “Fail” demotivational poster or the prospect of observing the survivors of their ilk, if any, subservient to the victorious opposition, pushes on without regard that the majority of the entire “hive” is screaming for their opposition to win. Even many on the home-team are stomping its bleachers and unfaithfully reciting the cheers of the “away” team’s cheerleaders. The liberal solemnly fights its righteous battle confident that hundreds of millions could not possibly grasp what the intellect of hundreds of liberals does. Surely their sacrifice will be as sanctified as that of the signers of The Constitution.

If  the liberals do prevail they will be removed for succeeding, because achieving their goal does not promote the health of the society as it will eventually be discovered. If they don’t prevail their countrymen will remove them for trying anyway. The liberal’s don’t consider their effort traitorous, as the liberal instinctively fights against individualism and socialized medicine doesn’t betray that instinct and nor has there been an effort to hide that fact.

The liberal’s mission, like that of the termite, is that of the demise of the host even though it is the demise of the liberal’s home and sustenance. It is not a reasoned action, it is quite intuitive, yet a trait that is not highly regarded in perpetuating a species outside of termites especially if the infestation is in the last wooden structure. However, a non-responsive conservative is a traitor even in the eyes of the liberal, as he has chosen the mission of self preservation and is bound to defend the individual. That defense is the liberal’s foe.

The conservative

The conservative has a difficult task and must fight a foe that looks, smells, travels, resides and communicates just as the conservative does. The conservative needn’t waste time on watch at the border or on self-flagellation. The enemy did not infiltrate, the enemy has always been here. You see, the conservatives built a country around the liberals and now, the liberals are building a country inside of the conservatives. It isn’t a matter that is rationalized nor reasoned. It is instinctive. If the least efforts of the conservative fall below the best efforts of the liberal, the USA will become controlled by liberals and the gift of individual liberty that allowed the liberal to rise to power will be eradicated forever. Individualism is the enemy of liberalism and will never be allowed to germinate again. Without freedom it never will.

The difference between the hive and the US is, as Ronald Reagan so eloquently spoke in his 1964 speech, “A Time for Choosing,” repeating the words of a Cuban refugee “How lucky you are? I had someplace to escape to.” For the bees, there is always another hollow tree or a barn wall to start a new nation. The new queen, with her loyal following would once again enjoy their society, conveniently, and in numbers that are just right. For over 200 years America has been the World’s hollow tree, and the world has found comfort with its existence. What of a World devoid of a place that Reagan called a “last stand?” Where WILL man escape to then?

It is the curse of the conservative to maintain the vigil on behalf of protecting this last stand against the efforts of the liberal. The liberal, as the termite, have their instinctive duty to tear down what man has built. Neither foe will sleep and dozing by those on watch will be “rewarded” with an adversary who’s lines have advanced even closer, sometimes imperceptibly so.

The weapon of the conservative is not one of reason, how does one reason with the termite who knows only to devour. The liberal takes no individual responsibility so as a member of a committee he is absolved of individual blame. How would one admonish the behavior of someone who had no regard for his own career and whose mission is to foul his own “house?”

Unlike insects our foe is not eradicated but his tools can be and obstruction and grid lock are the kryptonite against the proliferation of those tools. Progression is as much the life purpose of the left as procreation. Progression marked by an ever-increasing bond of law, the multiplying of length and number of legal chains that eventually grow to be the Unified Theory of the Collective. A straight jacket of regulation that stifles adventure and pioneerism and leaves in its place a kept population, deflated and controlled as much by the concepts of animal husbandry as by law. Eventually the human spirit is constricted by regulation and any spark of the hope of its rebirth is quenched.

This is it folks. This is for all of the marbles. This is Earth’s last stand for freedom and the American conservative is Earth’s team. Man can go anywhere if he wishes to be kept, bred, and arranged in neat little warehouses, but America is the last place where man can feel the exhilaration of risk and reward or failure. 20% then 30% then 60% government share of the GDP and then all of the private sector combined will be totally powerless and the Socialists will have conquered the last frontier and that my friends will be the death of liberty. For what will we strive then?