Reminiscing--Remember back when the Government was where we reported con artists?

I just wanted to help bring to the forefront of public awareness the currently resurfaced con game that preys on the most vulnerable among us, the elderly. As is usual in these cons, the arbitrary promised reward, normally inconsequential, in this case just happens to be the ever-elusive “affordable health care” and through slight of hand the victim is somehow convinced to endorse the signing away of their own life-sustaining decisions to others.

The scheme has no official name as yet, but the basic rundown is as follows: under duress, the citizens of the USA “contribute” toward a “protection plan” throughout their productive earning life. In return, the “plan” has incentive to maintain the contributor to be a reliable and steady revenue stream to the plan during the healthy “low maintenance” earning years when the offspring of citizens are in need of intense care, understandably an obligation with which the promoters of the “plan” wish to avoid involvement where possible.

This con is a variation of the infamous Ponzi scheme, which everyone is familiar, but this time with a twist. Instead of relying on humanity’s natural greed to attract and retain participants, this version has a turbo recruitment feature: namely the forced enrollment and enforcement by an armed and powerful government. The avoidance of fines and imprisonment is a time-proven incentive, and totally alleviates advertising and sales commission expense, a large and wasteful portion of most schemes. For further cost savings, there is a unique exit feature that make large claims by citizens after a lifetime of contributions fruitless and therefore removes much of the nearly one-half of American healthcare expenditures. The ultimate crowning glory will be the total cessation of the private marketplace and therefore any competitor to “The Plan.”

In the out years beyond earning/paying and when children (new recruits) are then fully contributing, the plan “takes care of” the retirees that may have catastrophic health care needs. The plan is compassionate and recognizes that there “may” be very valuable seniors that require extra care and deserve it for their valuable service to society, if requested within a reasonable age limit of course. Provisions will be in place to determine the appropriateness of treatment and the recipients of such treatment. Of course, there will be ambiguous rules to fairly make any denials, so when there are those that have been more troublesome requiring care, they will be allowed to make a dignified (and quiet and pain-free) exit without  unpleasant, expensive, and extended goodbyes, efficiently conserving resources for the more deserving: favorite statesmen, majority party members and leaders. Remarkably, scam promoters are proclaiming that victims prefer to give up control and are totally comfortable with taking one for the team in the twilight of life.

Forewarned is forearmed, this is spreading like a virus right now and be assured that there are those that are scheming to tap that vast resource representing 1/5 of the US GDP. The last time this was tried was in 1993 and it failed. Today there are even fewer willing participants than then, but today there is a single party majority of 537 bureaucrats hell-bent on seeing this enacted.

Beware, “The Repackaging of HillaryCare.”  We’re gonna party likes it’s 1993!