Breaking News: Iran Parliament Speaker endorses Obama.

Link on Drudge of article in ynetnews.com. Iranian Speaker, Larijani was quoted in this article,

“We are leaning more in favor of Barack Obama because he is more flexible and rational..”

The sheer weight of the recognition of Obama’s rationality by the standard bearer of coherency, Iran, challenges my vocabulary for words that can describe my awe.

This easily trumps Obama’s magnanimous acceptance of the Bush Administration’s former point man and the left’s proclaimed personification of evil, Colin Powell. I guess that would be that “flexible” part that the Iranian’s were so excited about.

Proof positive that the Obamessiah can transcend mere sovereignty and cast aside principle and the very fabric of our existence to come together with those that wish us ill. As demonstrated by the recent embrace of Gen. Powell, Obama’s flexibility will prove useful to other countries by insuring that even our adversaries can confidently enter into discussions with the USA without the baggage of facing their countrymen in embarrassment with a deal that was not 100% favorable.

With less than 2 weeks remaining before the shafts of light descend from the heavens, there is still time for Kim Jong Il, Vladimir Putin, and the Taliban to join Obama on the mountain and then when he is robed, dogs will lie down with cats.

One could have only hoped to be so fortunate as to be alive during this epoch and witness the man, the miracle, the ONE. As a Republican, one could only hope for the last brush stroke on the canvas, the little sparkle that only a grand master could place in the eye on the painting and declare it a finished work–the nod of consent from Robert Mugabe. One can dream can’t he?

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