Georgia National Fair poll results: McCain has "slight" edge.

I was talking to a friend that went to the Georgia Nat’l Fair in Perry, Georgia this evening. He said that he was checking out the electronic zapper fly swatters at a booth near the Obama campaign booth and the only people in the booth were the two volunteers manning it. The fly swatter guy was an interesting conversationalist, so my friend watched Obama’s booth for about a half-hour’s worth of colorful salesmanship and no takers on the Obama message. They Dems were giving away t-shirts, buttons, and stuff and not a single taker during his observation time.

Later he went by the McCain booth and he said they were out of the Dumdum suckers, but there were 50-60 people waiting in line there to buy buttons and t-shirts and such. The McCain booth was selling the stuff and it was a 20 minute wait to give them the money! They had sold out of the McCain/Palin yard signs.

I know this is Georgia, but Middle Georgia has a very high African-American population count, and they were reasonably represented at the event. You reckon that the people at the McCain booth were energized or just collectors of losing candidate memorabilia? I don’t know but I’ve still got a “W ’04” sticker on my car.