451 page bailout includes carbon tax.

This diary entry will not be well-phrased eloquent prose. But I felt motivated to pass along a report I received today from the Marc Morano, a staff member of Sen. James Inhoff R-OK, the ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

I have not been a fan of the bailout plan mostly due to the fact I knew so little of it. I was relieved to find that the provisions that would have potentially greased such organizations as A.C.O.R.N. had been removed prior to its failure to pass on Monday Sept. 29. The subsequent passage by the Senate and the general discussion of much improvement over the weekend draft was viewed by me with guarded reassurance.

Today’s report from Mr. Morano has reinforced my natural skepticism of congress. Page 180 of the now 451 page ‘‘Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008’’ pdf here includes some very disturbing and in my opinion, sneaky and subversive utilization of what is being jammed through congress altruistically as the very lifeline for our economic well being and quite possibly the World’s.

This time-is-of-the-essence emergency bill, HR-1424 has embedded in its belly, the well thought out beginnings of the treatment, auditing and taxation of carbon taxes and credits.

What in the hay is going on here!

I have been patiently reading from respected members of Congress, not the least of which is Sen. Cornyn R-TX in RedState today; my own Senator Chambliss R-GA and many diarists here at RedState that I have grown to respect. I have forced my mind to disregard my own lyin’ eyes to defer to those that I felt were on top of this; that were in the same sinking ship as all of us, to plug the hull breech. Instead, I see the first class lounge being redecorated!

What I see is the seed for a far greater burden on the US than we have ever imagined. Even the unfathomable $700bln, could become merely the 2nd largest boondoggle in our soon to be brief history. The unlimited fleecing provided by the imaginary menace, carbon dioxide is a far greater threat to liberty and the free market as we know it.

At a time that the “consensus” of global warming alarms of the planet boiling in its own pudding is finally subsiding and sensible and notable scientist are proclaiming apostasies on virtually a daily basis, I view this as a last gasp effort by the environMENTALists to cram a banana up our collective tailpipe.

The idea of taking advantage of a population desperate for an answer and dependent on others to quickly plot a new course is placing us in the very vulnerable position of helplessly accepting carbon tax along with the perceived benefit that the bail out bill is intended to accomplish. What say you? Read page 180 of the new bill. Please tell me I’m wrong on this.