Apollo 7's, Walt Cunningham speaks out on man’s contribution(?) to global warming.

Launch Magazine’s July-August issue features a piece by the famous Apollo 7 astronaut, Walt Cunningham.

There are excellent correlations between the regular fluctuations of the Sun and the Earth’s temperature, while scientists cannot find a relationship between industrial activity, energy consumption, and global temperatures. But global warming is an issue no longer being decided in the scientific arena.

I’ve noticed over the past several months, an ever increasing number of notable scientific players willing to buck the money stream and speak on the real science that the religion of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming proponents say that their hyperbole is based upon. As these numbers grow, even the shy among those that have remained in the background are emboldened to come forth and shore the foundation of scientific method in our search for sensible answers to what may be actually happening in our climate.

believe in global climate change, but there is no way that humans can influence the temperature of our planet to any measurable degree with the tools currently at their disposal. Any human contribution to global temperature change is lost in the noise of terrestrial and cosmic factors.

Mr. Cunningham speaks frankly in *Launch Magazine Online *about the pitfalls of an emotional reaction to the apparent religious calling of those that claim to wish to save the Earth.

The conflict over AGW has deteriorated into a religious war; a war between true believers in human-caused global warming and nonbelievers; between those who accept AGW on faith and those who consider themselves more sensible and better informed. “True believers” are beyond being interested in evidence; it is impossible to reason a person out of positions they have not been reasoned into.

My own personal (and non-scientific) observations over the last few decades are reinforced by Cunningham’s insight, supported by a lifetime of professional experience and rare access into scientific, business, military and government perspectives. Col. Cunningham says here what the meek dream of.

In the face of overwhelming evidence for natural temperature variation, proponents of AGW are resorting to a precautionary argument: “We must do something just in case we are responsible, because the consequences are too terrible if we are to blame and do nothing.” They hope to stampede government entities into committing huge amounts of money before their fraud is completely exposed—before science and truth save the day.

Walt talks plainly in this editorial about the left’s attack on freedom and big government’s expanding role in usurping liberty and curtailing the economic engine of our great nation using the ruse of protecting our planet.