Not Sure Before tonight But I am now!

I am not great with words but here goes! Before tonight I wasn’t Sure about Voting For McCain.His picking Sarah Palin got my attention but I just had to hear & see her.here are my impressions.

  1. She is a loving & caring wife & MOTHER!!!
  2. She is down to earth, I feel as if I could walk right up to her & Talk!
  3. She doesn’t try to “fit In” She is who she is
  4. She mentioned being from a small town and is PROUD OF IT!!!!
  5. She is rational and has been handed lemons by Life and has made a SWEET pitcher of lemonade!
  6. she has family problems just like you & I and is able to gracefully handle that with poise & dignity!

    I could go on forever!My point is any doubts I had before tonight were washed away with every thing she said. the way her daughter showed so much love holding her little brother showed that she has raised a sweet loving family and STILL GOT THINGS DONE IN OFFICE!


               McCain ~ Palin!!!!