Ohio Redistricting Insult

The Ohio Apportionment Board is having a series of dog and pony shows meetings with Ohioans across the state to (pretend to) get their imput.    ” The spokesman says the hearings and websites that let citizens to draw their own maps make this the most access the public has ever had to the apportionment process.” 

That sounds good. Except it’s clearly not true.

As I previously posted, the fix was in month’s ago regarding Rep. Marcia Fudge’s inner city district. Both  House Speaker Bill Batchelder and Cleveland NAACP President George Forbes are apparent cooperators in a plan to extend Rep. Fudge’s district through the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area to connect inner city areaas of Akron and Cleveland.

And Dennis the Menace is off in Seattle testing the waters with his natural constituency out there.  Dennis may be crazy, but he’s not stupid.  He’s not working on transplanting himself with just a possibility that his district is going to disappear.  It’s dead lock certainty that he needs to find “alternative employment” and he knows it.

And all this is happening without  a word of protest from the minority Democrats in the redistricting process.  So why the silence from them? Cat got their tongue?

Note to Apportionment Board: if both Republicans and Democrats are going to collude to protect incumbents, please don’t insult the intelligence of the voters with charades like this one.