Ohio Delegation Love-in

The members of Congress from Ohio have decided to sit together as one delegation for the SOTU address. Whoopee. In one of the exceptions that proves my rule of not agreeing with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, they refer to it as “a Kumbaya moment.” That’s one way to put it. New senator Rob Portman put this entry on his Facebook page: “Proud to work with Congressman Steve LaTourette to bring the OH delegation together for the State of the Union. Important that we remember we’re all working for Ohio.” Even if this action is naive (at best), at least some of the comments to this posting by our junior senator are encouraging.

While many commenters laud the senator for being “above the fray” and working for all Ohioans, others see this as acceptance of the Democrat talking points regarding “civility,” which the democrats have no intention of following once it matters. But as one commenter noted, terms like “working together” are variants of “bipartisanship” and they only signal that the Republicans are ready to capitulate on some liberal/statist demand.  This can’t end well for the Republicans. Either they will follow true to form and capitulate on some point, such as failing to tame the beast of spending in some regard, or they have just set themselves up to me roundly criticized in the press for failing to somehow “follow through” on the supposed “promise” of “bipartisanship” (by agreeing with the Democrats) if they happen to actually do what they were sent to Washington to do. I’d call that a rookie mistake, but none of them are real rookies.