DADT is gone. Now what?

The repeal of DADT is now a done deal. So now what?

Harassment complaints.

Of course there will be harrassment complaints by and against homosexual service members. That much is a certainty. But beyond individual accusations, the homosexual lobby will engage in other organized efforts to further their agenda. They will not be satisfied with official acceptance. Inherent in the homosexual lobby is a demand not just for tolerance, but approval. Any voices to the contrary must be silenced. And the most likely source of non-approval post-DADT will the chaplain corps.

If I were a betting man, I would be willing to bet dollars against dimes that within 6 months of this policy being implemented, military chaplains will be ordered not to read certain passages from the Bible during worship services. Some will resign. Others will choose to follow man’s laws instead of God’s. But chaplains will be put in the position of disobeying either God or their superior officers. And the end result will be that those who don’t view homosexual acts as the equal of heterosexual acts will be silenced or hounded out of the service. That will ultimately mean anyone who holds a traditional Christian belief on homosexuality. Eventually recruiting offices might as well post signs saying “Christians need not apply.” But the first casualities will be the chaplains.