Playing Nazi

Eric Cantor put on a demonstration on Fox News Sunday of what a “prevent defense” looks like in politics, in part by throwing Republican Congressional candidate Rich Iott under the bus. Iott’s crime, of course, is “being photographed in a Nazi uniform.” He hasn’t been accused of being a Nazi orof harboring Nazi sympathies (at least not directly). Iott is actually part of a historical reenactment group and has also “been photographed” in a Civil War Union Army uniform and a World War I doughboy uniform.  Of course to have historical reenactments, you’re going to people on both sides of a conflict and that includes Nazis.  As one commenter noted, what are the people playing the Nazis supposed to wear, leather pants and feather boas?

When this story first broke, right thinking individuals pointed out actors play Nazis in movies without it being held against them. To this end, one commenter on Hannity’s website asked if anyone knew of a list of actors who played Nazis in movies. And just such a list was started on Wikipedia. Only now its been deleted.  But it was also copied to ebay before it was deleted. It is reproduced here (in case that posting gets deleted too):

“This is a partial list of actors or celebrities who have played Nazis, fictional or non-fictional, in films.








  • Bruno Ganz (“Der Untergang”)
  • Andy Gatjen (“In Enemy Hands”)
  • Herbert Grönemeyer (“Das Boot”)


  • Rutger Hauer (“Inside the Third Reich”, “Fatherland”)
  • Ed Harris (“Enemy at the Gates”)
  • André Hennicke (“Der Untergang”)
  • Dominique Horwitz (“Stalingrad”)




  • Arnd Klawitter (“U-571”)
  • Frank-Michael Köbe (“The Pianist”)
  • Thomas Kretschmann (“U-571”, “The Pianist”, “Der Untergang”, “Stalingrad”, “In Enemy Hands”, “King Kong”)


  • Robert Lahoda (“U-571”)
  • Matt Lindquist (“In Enemy Hands”)



  • Liam Neeson (“Schindler’s List”, “Shining Through”)
  • Ulrich Noethen (“Der Untergang”)



  • Gregory Peck (“The Boys from Brazil”)
  • Donald Pleasence (“The Eagle Has Landed”, “The Night of the Generals”)
  • Jürgen Prochnow (“Das Boot”, “The Keep”, “The English Patient”)
  • Alex Prusmack (“In Enemy Hands”)



  • Peter Rappenglück(“The Pianist”)
  • Uwe Rathsam (“The Pianist”)
  • Erich Redman (“U-571”)
  • Harry Riebauer (“The Great Escape”)
  • Sascha Rosemann (“In Enemy Hands”)

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Of course the list is missing Christopher Plummer for his portrayal of the commandant of Rome in The Scarlet and the Black (The Sound of Music notwithstanding) and I’m sure that Redstate readers can add many others. But don’t count on Wikipedia or any other non-conservative site to maintain such a  list. Please feel free to make additions in the comments.