Creigh Me Back to Ole Virginny

The Democrats of the Old Dominion turned their back on both the Clinton Era and the champions of Hopeandchange, choosing R. Creigh (“Cree”) Deeds to be their candidate for governor. While losing candidate Terry McAuliffe’s ties–indeed, carbon-bonds–to the Clinton political machine are well known, the degree to which the other losing candidate, Brian Moran, worked to tie his candidacy to Obama has been less publicised. Officially, the Obama camp had no dog in the fight, but Brian Moran, who owes his entire political existence to his bother brother Rep. Jim Moran (D-Virginia Gentleman), was clearly the candidate running closest to the interest groups who backed Obama most fervently–the MoveOn.org types, alternative energy racketeers and the various sexual postmodernists.

The fact that low-turnout, presumably hardcore, Democratic voters dismissed both candidates for good ol’ boy Deeds and his pro-gun, pro-life positions indicates that the appeal of both national political machines runs shallow in purple states like Virginia.

Make no mistake, the upcoming election between Deeds (Philo-Junius cringes to think of the Gary Cooper analogies which will be shoehorned into coverage of the race henceforth) and his Republican opponent Robert McDonnell–who defeated Deeds narrowly in the race for Attorney General four years ago–will be close indeed. But the notion that the Obama magic has transfixed the voting populace of the purple states has clearly received a firm reality check.