Our Two Minute Hate

Today our local Fox news broadcast (a typical liberal station, not FNC), provided another instance of the press’s noble struggle to defend helpless government against the predations of money-grubbing private citizens.  The station’s crusading reporter descended on a New Jersey dentist’s office and attacked him about a dental school loan he had defaulted on, but was paying back. He was on an online government list that made its way to the station. The reporter was about as insulting as could be, demanding to know when the loan would be repaid, and even leaned inside the receptionist’s window and said, “What’s this? Is that money there?” He even belittled the appearance of the dentist’s office.

You might be wondering–what business is it of ours whether this dentist defaulted on his loans or not? Well, according to this segment, all these “deadbeats” owe “the taxpayers” this money they defaulted on.  So we can all expect to get a small refund of our own taxes once the “deadbeats” pay up. Right? Ah…no.

And the *total* owed by all these “deadbeat” doctors, dentists, and other providers? $112 million. Or 0.00075% of the federal debt. Of course, the point of this journalistic exercise was not to collect any debt. It was to publicly humiliate  this individual. To shame him. To depict him as a sinner fleeing the righteous anger of the collective. The reporter crowed that the feds in Newark were  “going after” this guy. Mission accomplished. Justice has been done. We can all relax.

This is much like the “two-minute hate” in 1984, where we are supposed to collectively hate some individual and cheer on the State. But a free press is supposed to keep the government in check, not be its cheerleader against ordinary Americans. The only substantive difference between this news segment and Big Brother’s hate is that the segment lasted five, rather than two, minutes. Five minutes out of a 30 minute broadcast, on a news day that included the massive man-caused disaster in Boston.
This dentist must be a very dangerous thoughtcriminal, indeed.
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