Vous n'êtes pas Charlie!

You are not Charile!

I am totally stealing this from Mark Stein, because he honestly did come to this before I did.  But it bears repeating.  Charlie Hebdo is only a cause for the sunshine patriots (a box of mars bars to who gets that reference).  I guarantee that if the savagely bloody murders committed at their HQ did not happen, it would have been classified as hate literature if they ever got a wider audience than that of France.  The magazine is crass, uncouth, and distasteful.  To a politically correct mind, they could appear to be downright hateful and racist.  It would easily denounced as hate speech by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and CAIR, and could have been just as useful a scapegoat for the Benghazi attacks if it was a domestic publication (and that poor filmmaker was unavailable).  The reality is that until this atrocity, you can bank on the idea that a great deal of France’s elite that saw Charlie Hebdo as a national embarrassment.

Thes past few days, I wish there was a way to literally punch somebody in the nose through the internet anytime I see that stupid #JeSuisCharlie hash tag.  Because if you use this, you are not Charile.  Do you hear me Marxist leaning elite?  I will repeat this in your perferred language of French:  Vous n’êtes pas Charile.  Pas de tout!

If we actually were all Charlie Hebdo now, we would at least follow their example.  We wouldn’t stand for political correctness.  We would not stand for banning of speech by government or by coercion 0f individual groups.  We would be unafraid, crass, insulting and outright defiant in calling out the culture and religion as what it is:  evil and vile.  And I am sorry if this hurts sensibilities, but Islam is the religion of these monsters.  Arguing about whether their beliefs constitute actual Islam or not, is besides the point.  The people who use it as justification for their atrocities, certainly do see it as Islam.  Until somebody comes up with a viable way to actually marginalize them from Islam**, save the hot air required to just regurgitate that specific talking point.

That is why nothing will change because of this.  Europe is much farther along on the opium addiction of political correctness than we are.  It will be far too painful to detoxify from their culture.  There will need to be a sustained election of right leaning governments (not to mention a well coordinated and constant effort to discredit the left wing) that will reflect the nationalist leanings of France’s culture, in order to even begin to change the decline.  If the French continue to elect socialists, while right wing parties in Europe continue to be marginalized as hate groups, nothing will change.

But here is hoping that maybe France will rediscover their inner Louix XIV again.

**meaning two things:

1.  not have some atheist/Christianity hating liberal elite say it on news analysis programs that don’t have any actual influence in Islamic cultures.

2.  using a method that will actually influence the cultural underpinnings of Islamic society.  Societies that have become increasingly harnened to western cultural ideas, as well as being far less influenced by mass media.

3.  a method that will need to be done in concert with strengthing the underpinnings of our own culture, as opposed to denegrating it.