So I have been thinking about 2014 and 2016 respectively (that and having been made physically ill by the “I’m Ready For Hillary” bumper stickers popping up), and trying to contemplate how you can go about actually winning the elections.  2014 at the moment seems to be looking relatively good for those of us on the right side of the political spectrum.  However, 2016 looms far in the horizon, and truth be told, they are both an eternity away.  Just like 2012 looked good for the Republicans when looking at it far off from 2010,  it is foolish to count our eggs before they hatch for ’14 and ’16.

So with that said, I wanted to offer a few overall concepts, and some ideas that may allow for each concept to work.  I believe that we have the superior ideas.  I also believe because of our love of free-market capitalism, we have a much better idea how to innovate and come up with new ideas.  Note:  I am trying to think outside the box.  Also, if reading this, you have some ideas yourself, please feel free to post in the comments.


-Change The Yardage of the Game:

Think politics as football.  You have 100 yards, one end zone is the far left (total government control of all things), the other end zone is the far right (no government at all, think anarchy).  The US constitution set up boundaries where most of the political game is played falls within say a 15 yard section of the field.  Ideally there is some government needed, but it is clearly played closer to the right end zone than the left.  The left has been breaking down the constitution over the past century, moving the political discourse closer and closer to the left’s end zone.

A logical goal for long term success of the right, is to move the ball back down the field.  How do we do this?  Winning elections is the obvious answer, as well as change the culture.  But since we don’t have the Palestinian version of democracy (one man, one vote, one time), elections usually just a short reprieve from the leftward march.  As for the culture, there is not a huge flock of conservatives heading to Hollywood, nor do I see a bunch of conservatives moving into fields of liberal influence (like journalism, community organizing, etc).  We are cut from a different cloth, and based on our values and our ambitions, I don’t see being able to change the culture like that anytime soon.

Instead, we generally regard ourselves as entrepreneurs, so let’s use that impulse.  Invest in newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets.  Overtime, once we have control of the outlets, exercise not only financial, but also editorial control, to maintain and drive profitability.  Media is just like any other business.  If you offer a product that people want, that is not currently offered, it will move.  But this is not just limited to a right wing point of view.  Instead of fighting the merits of what counts as journalism these days, set a higher standard.  Create a journalistic code of ethics and behavior.  Market and create buzz.  Starbucks, for all its loony left wing leanings, still puts out a cup of coffee that is heads and tails higher than the preponderance of other coffee retailers out there.  Set the standard for the market, and then crush all those who don’t measure up.

-Influence Both Political Parties:

There is a struggle in the Republican party between the establishment and the grass roots.  Now this has been going on for a long time.  So I don’t see anything that is going to definitively resolve it anytime soon.  Moreover, I don’t believe that it is as serious as the press may think it is (or more accurately, how serious they wish it is).  However, I think the Tea Party is beginning to take on the role of a conservative quality control department.  They are the canary in the coal mine, they watch the actions of a politician, and make sure that they are pushing policies that are in our interest.  However, I believe that they are missing a huge opportunity in pushing for the most conservative of democrats as well.

Now this may sound asinine, but I think it is a sound idea.  Of course we should always vote and support the most conservative candidate.  However, if that candidate should fail, we should be able to have confidence that whoever is elected will not be a crypto-Marxist.  To the extent that there are open primaries for Democrats, we should be influencing their candidates as well.  Either by voting in primaries at the grassroots level, or by investing time and money into spoiler candidates (a la Ralph Nader).   This will give us a little bit more confidence that if we have to remove a RINO, we don’t have to have a fear of having single-payer medical system by the next election.

-Demand A Better Candidate:

OK this is a bit nebulous and it is an obvious idea.  I mean we obviously want somebody who can win, and doesn’t say incredibly stupid things.  Todd Aiken comes to mind.  However, I am looking to come up with a metric we can use to determine what a better candidate for the Republican party should look like.  The metrics must be stricter than those that can be used by the Democrat party.  Just saying, Joe Biden wouldn’t be V-POTUS if he was a Republican.  Some I came up with:

1.  Be a personality.  If they are seeking an office higher than the local level, they need to be a true presence in your community.  They need to be able to command a room, and frankly intimidate those who would challenge them.  Be they either confrontational, or more the speak softly but carry a big stick type.  Your choice.  But make sure that people see them, and know them, no matter where they go.   Also, make sure they are recording and videotape everything they say and do.  Because weather they know it or not, they can be recorded and videoed at anytime.  Not just news and media outlets, but it can be anybody with a cell phone and a channel on YouTube.  Because they are now a celebrity, and they need to handle their image accordingly.  Especially since you being conservative, the media won’t carry their water.  If you have no sense that they are not controlling their own narrative, then another candidate may be worth a look

2.  Make sure they know their policies, the results of their policies, and the results of their opponents policies.  In that order.  This is the reason I will NEVER vote for Rick Perry.  If he is on stage and can not name at least one department of the federal government that he wants to get rid of, then he will never be ready for prime time.  Even if best case scenario, he just had lost his train of thought, it is unacceptable for a Republican to have that happen.  A Democrat will be protected.  A Republican will have that used against him over and over and over.

3.  Know the candidates campaign team.  Research them.  Find out their credentials, their prior experience, their win/loss record, and who they worked for.  If they have a bad track record, and support mostly RINOs, the outlook for your candidate of choice may not be that good.


That is my 2 cents for today, let me know what you all think.