Don't be fooled...these people HATE YOU!!!

Note:  This diary was written in haste and anger on an iPhone.  Forgive me if it seems a little spastic…

This is my first diary entry, so forgive me if this is going to be a little light on links..  I am writing this on my iPhone and I have to get it out while I’m fresh.   So I will modify it later when I actually sit down in front of my computer.

This is a message I would like everybody on the right to hear:

Let me start off by saying that I am gay right off the bat.  Why do I need to say this?  Well it is pretty simple.  It gives me some insight into the LGBT community.  Said community is pretty much a microcosm of the extremely far left.  It is this larger left wing community that Obama and most democrats are member of in some form or another.  While their aims and degrees of activism vary, they all have some things in common.  As a whole, they are a paranoid and hate-filled group.  Everything is in black and white and compromise is not permitted.  The language that they use is that of far left organizations, like the Black Panthers and the SLA.  Things like “George Bush wants to round up all gay people and put them into death camps”, “If you don’t believe in gay marriage, you are a bigot.”, “All religion is hate-filled superstition and should be outlawed”, “I think the government should force churches to marry gay people.” , are all normally held views, and are not examined or scrutinized in any way.  Things like this are exactly what the gay community believes, and I would dare say the far left at large.

However, not everybody believes that.  Like me, there are pockets of us who actually believe that the United States is exceptional, and not evil.  The problem is that anybody who is LGBT who comes out and supports anybody to the right of Karl Marx is considered a self hating, and is walled off from the community.  So to go against this left wing gospel means that no chance of love, no chance of friendship, a total outcasting (is that a real word?)  So many of us will remain quiet, and fearful of retribution.

This is what you are all up against with the left.  So let me say something to everybody, especially members of congress who is on this website:

The left wing of the United States hates you!  They hate you because of what you believe.  They hate you because of what you say.  They hate your family, your place of worship, and anybody who does not hate you as well.  I would dare say that their hatred of you is just as intense as members of Al Qaeda have for the United States.  In fact they probably hate you more than Al Qaeda.  Because while their aims are different, they both have the same enemy.  YOU!

This is something that you need to understand.  We are  in a cold civil war.  I would dare say that there is nothing that they would use against you to get their ends.  Let people know that you speak for EVERY American.  No matter what your hyphen or group you consider yourself a part of.

More importantly, speak for each other’s principles as well.  The left has a unified front when facing us.  Pro-abortion groups will fight for the principles of the gay community and vise-versa.  How much more powerful would we be if all supported each other policy wise?

Just remember that we all need to fight for what we believe.  Never compromise on your principles, and never surrender.  Remember that Marxism is not inevitable.