Notes on Dr. Jerome Corsi's 9/19 Address at Furman University

Many thanks to Furman University’s Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow for inviting Dr. Jerome Corsi to speak this evening on his book America for Sale.  The CSBT is composed of a group of brave and dedicated students given that they find themselves immersed in an environment where, as CEO Stephen Sebastian pointed out during the introduction, a university poll revealed 87% of the faculty voted for Barack Obama.

Corsi described his 2008 book, a New York Times bestseller, as “unfortunately prophetic.”  He characterized America’s present economic woes as “not an accident,” but a situation that globalists have intended.  Corsi stated, “this is not a recession or depression–this is what globalism looks like.  Far from being a conspiracy theorist, Corsi explained, he’s just reporting on what they themselves have written.  He provided some specific names of the perpetrators, such as George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, and Henry Kissinger.  “They’re on the Left and the Right,” Corsi added.

Globalists tend to see borders as “artificial” and a “nuisance,” and Corsi indicated that they openly have written “against the nation-state, the family, and the idea that the United States should manage its economy for the benefit of the people of the United States.”

The danger Corsi identifies is that multinational corporations ship jobs to India and China in search of cheap labor, resulting in “the loss of the American middle class.”  In light of the “special drawing rights” pushed by the IMF, Corsi suggested that “the drop of the dollar is only beginning.”  He pointed out that “gold, even at these prices, is still a bargain.”

One solution Corsi proposes is “decession,” a term he coined describing a process by which the states (and the people) reassert their ninth and tenth amendment rights and “tell the Feds we don’t want your health care or involvement in public schools,” and so on.  If that doesn’t work, Corsi suggested that “the next step is secession–the United States is closer to breaking up than at any time in [his] life.”

Corsi also pointed out that over 200 communities in the United States print their own money, such as the “Berkshire Bucks” program in which local merchants agree to participate.  He encourages Americans to focus on community, family, and church (fundamentals we’ve forgotten).  “Some communities are going to be better than others,” Corsi predicted, “South Carolina is closer to the top of the list and New York and New Jersey are closer to the bottom.”  “The best way to care for the poor,” he continued, “is to help them build families and get to work.”

At one point during the discussion the example of the Soviet Union was offered to show how globalism and socialism are unsustainable.  Corsi pinpoints the reason behind the failure of globalism resides in a human nature that is inherently inclined toward the local, stating that “the Tower of Babel didn’t work.”

Turning toward the coming elections, Corsi expects that the winning GOP candidate will be “ABO: anybody but Obama.” He hailed the Tea Party movement as “one of the most important developments in his lifetime,” adding that “we’re not going to take it any more’ is the same spirit that drove our Founding Fathers” to throw off British rule.

I’m pleased that this event was brought to the Upstate here in the reddest of states, South Carolina.  It’s definitely worth fighting the good fight and presenting what Ronald Reagan once called “a banner of bold colors, not pale pastels.”