CPAC FL: A Prospective Survey of Attractions

I’m looking forward to attending CPAC FL next week.  It’ll be my first CPAC.  The preliminary schedule is now posted (PDF file) and I’m zeroing in on a few points of attraction.  Michele Bachmann is the first of the primary candidates to speak at 9:15 a.m., and I’ll definitely be paying attention since she is my first choice candidate this election.

I’m also looking forward to “Social Media 101” being hosted that morning as part of the New Media Training by Americans for Prosperity.  I’ll also drop in on The Leadership Institute’s Grassroots Activist Training in the afternoon.  Speeches from politicians are inspiring and edifying, but these training sessions will help attendees get some positive action accomplished for conservatism out there on the ground.

I’m very excited about the planned panel discussion “Recruiting the Next Generation of Conservative Activists: Are Youth Awakening from an Obama Hangover.”  As an early thirty-something, this is definitely where the action is.  A younger colleague of mine pointed out to me recently that it’s our “Beavis and Butthead” generation that’s now old enough under the provisions of the Constitution to hold federal office–and that scares him.  That conversation drove home the point for me that it’s the youth that we need to win and motivate.  I definitely plan to do my part in this realm.