I Remember

I remember.

I remember the beautiful day outside.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Slight breeze in my hair and thinking of how awesome it is to be alive.

I remember listening to the radio making me laugh and lighting up a cigarette.  Enjoying the wind from the open window in my car.

I remember when they first broke news of a plane hitting the twin towers and thinking of how a “joke like that isn’t very funny”

I remember walking past a TV for the first time since I found out that it indeed wasn’t a joke and looking at 30 people huddle around a small 26″ set.

I remember all of us holding our breath as the second plane hit and all of us, Every, single, person getting upset.

I remember feeling helpless and not knowing how many more or what else may happen.

I remember hearing of a plane hitting the pentagon.

I remember hearing of the plane in PA hit the ground and thinking of somehow that being better than hitting another building.

I remember feeling guilty for thinking that.

I remember saying, along with every other person who I saw that day, that we should kill whoever was responsible for it.

I remember people regardless or race, gender, creed, religion, beliefs, being in a state of shock and treating everyone with respect and courtesy.

I remember a feeling of wanting to help

I remember people helping.

I remember everything from that day 8 years ago and I always will.  For the sights, sounds, and smells from that day are forever engrained in my brain.

I now know how people can remember horrible events in their lives forever, because I now have the unwanted honor of carrying my own memory shared by millions upon millions of people of a tragic event.  It is an unwanted, but welcome memory that I keep so that someday I may tell others of what may happened.

I keep this memory so that no one else will NOT remember what happened and who did it.

I still pray for the people that died that day and for the families who were involved, and the people who are effected deeply by an event 8 years ago today.

God Bless all of you on this day Sept 11, and may you all remember, forever what happened.