McCain gets Audited... Obama does... NOT???

Just look Here

Anyone else reading this? The FEC is going to overlook Obama and his “donations” and investigate McCain’s campaign funds?!?!?! Does this make any sense to anyone? I understand the McCain accepted the 85 million in funds and comes with a mandatory audit, but to not look into Obama’s because the committee running the FEC has 3 Dems and 3 Repubs, meaning a dead lock vote, is simply outrageous.

There have been many people complaining how Obama was running his campaign donations and have pictures to prove exactly how it works. You could type in any name, provide a credit card and do the transaction. All of the securities were turned OFF. Let me repeat that. ALL of the security features were turned OFF! Meaning anyone with any card could donate. There were people discovering on their banking statements that someone used there credit cards to make donations. There are screen shots of people blatantly abusing the system Obama had in place. There were even transactions that were tracked back to firewalls in China, Iran, and the rest of the Middle East.

I simply have no idea wtf is going on anymore when someone blatantly disregards security features to get more money and no one looks into it. Anyone know what would happen if a business did that?

Ugh I’m disgusted…