Almost TIME to vote!

It’s coming down to the wire now and Mr. Obama has yet to be properly vetted by any of the media outlets. The few outlets that have asked questions, like 6 abc, have been banned from further interviews with the Obama campaign. There are still some very important issues I would like answered before election day. Some of these issues are old and some of them new, but none the less deserved to be answered.

1) What is on the tape that the LA times is not releasing?

There are now people around the blogosphere offering $175,000 for the tape of Obama while sitting next to the PLO Khaladi. The video supposedly shows Obama sitting down at a farewell party for Khaladi, who had a close friendship with the Obama family, and giving a speech. The contents of the party where others talked was said to be discriminatory against Israel and the people who live there. I wonder what would have happened if McCain had been there?

2) Why did Obama’s campaign fight to have his birth certificate sealed forever?

It seems to me that if he had been born in America or had declared American Citizenship he would have no problem showing the document. After all it would put this question away and out of the minds of the countless number of bloggers yelling about this issue. Is he trying to hide something? I think he is, but what exactly it is we may never know.

3) What is his true relation ship with Ayers, Wright, Khaladi, Acorn, and countless other less than wonderful people said to be associated with him?

Honestly, can ANYONE get enough balls to ask him and make him give a straight answer… PLEASE! I mean come on! His past reads like a who’s who of terrorist, left wing, anti-Semite radical and yet not one media outlet has got the courage to bring up these issues…. Does no one think that having a person who has all these friends would be a bad thing as the POTUS?

4) How can a presidential nominee be able to not answer anything regarding his past?

And if you do look the EFF out! Take a look at Joe the Plumber and how the Democratic smear campaign looked into his past and all his flaws and then published them. This poor man will now be punished for a good while all because he asked Obama a question. I WISH THE MEDIA DID THE SAME RESEARCH FOR BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!!

Now in the closing few days before the election it is simply unbelievable to me that Obama has made it this far based on nothing. He hasn’t had to answer tough questions. He hasn’t had to deal with anything regarding his past. He hasn’t had to lay out exactly what he plans to change. He hasn’t had to lay out anything. I think this is a sad year for America and even though I am going to vote for McCain I can not believe that so many people are willing to hand over the POTUS to a man that has no reason, I repeat NO REASON to even get near the White House. He lacks morals, beliefs, and integrity and I hope that people will wake the F&^$ up on election day.

McCain has fought and will fight for this country! Even though he isn’t the conservative I wished for he is ,none the less, more qualified and more experienced at every aspect. He is the man that will lead this country Honesty, with Integrity and who will be willing to work with both sides of the aisle.

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