Why it Doesnt matter

As I sit at my desk during my lunch hour I look and wonder what is going on. There are countless facts and proof to back them up on why Obama is not fit to be the President of the United States. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is that Obama is a Democrat and John McCain is a Republican. Black vs White, Hope vs Truth, Change vs Different Change.

I am starting to think this is turning into a high school president campaign where one candidate is offering free soda (health care) and no homework (responsibility) while the other person is saying you need to work to succeed. Who wants to work. Well, I do. I believe that you need to take care of your family and provide food and shelter for them, not receive hand outs that burden every tax payer in the US.

Maybe this presidential season I am beat down and disheartened by the lack of truth and the over abundance of lies and spin that the media is portraying. Not once have I seen a media outlet (other than fox) talk about Obama’s past with terrorist and point out the flip flops, lies, and corrupt practices that he has done. All we ever see is lies, opinions, spin about McCain and Palin.

I am beat down because every time I talk to one of my Democrat friends about Obama and talk to them about both candidates they turn it into a name calling match and tempers rise until all hope of a normal talk is destroyed. I know McCain is not the person I think is the most qualified to run and in all honesty I did not want him to be president, but I look at all sides of both people. I see that McCain is the best choice to lead this country, not Obama, and it aggravates me to no end that people do not do the same. People I have known for almost my whole life are acting like little sheep, conforming and trusting a person who I wouldn’t trust to save my life.

I’m frustrated, beaten, and upset that in my searching and looking its as if people are getting dumber and depending more on the government funding to run their lives. People are beginning to depend on that funding and that’s making them not care about working. No matter how much you talk it doesn’t matter because people are now only seeing what they want to see and they see a man (Obama) who is promising to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure no one has to work to take care of their family ever again. This country was built on the back of the working man and has strived because of it and now we are all quickly becoming a nation that will have to depend on a Government that couldn’t even make a profit selling sex in Las Vegas at a bunny ranch.

I just don’t get it anymore.