Today I will go through what I felt during this day seven years ago. I am putting aside all political feelings on how to handle this. This is my memory and my tribute to people who died during September 11th 2001. May god bless them.

What’s amazing to me about this is that I remember that day more than any other. I remember it better than my wedding day, the day I found out my wife was pregnant and better than yesterday. This day was burned into my Brain, Heart and Being and I still am upset over what happened.

I woke up Late for College and decided to blow off school. It was an amazing day! It wasn’t too hot or cold it was just perfect and I wanted to go golf instead. So I went out to get my car registered before I hit the links. On my way to get my car registered I turned on the radio to listen to Howard Stern (HEY this is not about my personal preference just what happened!) when about 10 min into it he said that something happened to the trade center. Maybe a Bomb went off so he was gong to get back to us about it. When I went into the registration place the lady behind the counter had the news on and not one second after I looked up the second plane hit the other tower. I knew… in my heart and gut I knew what it was. A terrorist attack on our nation. I couldn’t believe what I saw! I called my Mom right away and told her to turn on the news and I hurried home. That day I sat with my mom watching the video over and over again and listened as the pentagon got hit and another plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

It seemed like it was never going to end. Over and over something bad was happening and then the first tower fell. HOLY SHIT!!! The first tower fell!!! Did all the people make it out? Were there still people trapped? OH MY GOD the second tower just fell!!! Those MOTHER FU!*$RS!!! HOW DARE THEY DO THIS TO US!!! Those were innocent people! Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters! These people have done nothing to deserve this!

I was pissed off and in disbelief of what just happened. I looked at my mom for the first time in like 5 hours, my eyes were glued to the TV watching helplessly wondering what I could do. She was crying and had her head in her hands. My Dad had come home 2 hours ago and sat down next to here but I didn’t notice. All I could think about was the people who died. All the innocent people whose families just got destroyed and it broke my heart.

The next week all that anyone talked about was what happened. During college kids were huddled around the news on TV watching what was unfolding. Everyone was looking and trying to help in anyway they could. Our country came together as ONE to help out the people who were affected by this. It is a shame it took something so tragic for us to come together.

So every year on September 11th on Patriot Day I take 5 minutes out of my hectic schedule and sit and remember. Its small and insignificant really but it is my way of honoring the people who died and remember the worst day that has happened to America in my life time and I pray. I pray that this never happened and it was some kind of sick perverted joke. I pray that God will bless everyone who died that day and I pray that America will some day realize that we don’t need another September 11th to come together as one. All we need is to work together and show compassion to one another. That day, even though it was the worst day that I can ever remember, showed me that even in the darkest of times Americans really are proud of their country and we will come together whenever anything bad happens to us to lift one another up.

God Bless the people who diedGod Bless the families that lost loved onesGod Bless our troops who fight bravely for everyone of usGod Bless AmericaAmen