Why McCains speech was good

Although McCain’s speech wasn’t as good as Palin’s he did manage to do something he is used to doing. That is, talk to the middle or the road voter. McCain being called a maverick is a good spin on someone the conservative base often disagrees with. He let Palin do the bad talking on Wednesday and this enabled him to hit home the reason he is running and what he wants to achieve.

At times he stumbled and for some reason people from Pink were able to sneak in and disrupt the speech, but he regained himself and moved forward. He didn’t attack Obama and instead told America why he is the right person. On how and why he wants to serve and why he is the person he is today. Through life experience he showed why he is qualified and has matured from a cocky young man into a person who is very patriotic and “has the scars to prove it”.

His strength was never speaking in a venue that big, no, but I believe when push comes to shove he can answer the tougher questions that Obama will not because McCain knows what he wants to do and knows how he wants to do it. McCain doesn’t say things to one crowd and change them for another because he is set in his ways and I for one like that in a person. He has my vote already and I can’t wait for the debates to see what happens.

Also I thoroughly enjoyed how he showed why we (Republicans) are the true party of change. GOOD CHANGE that is!