My thoughts on RNC night with Palin

After seeing the Convention coverage last night and the speeches given all I can say is WOW! The speeches were great, the tempo was great and the way they delivered (Rudy, Palin) point after point of why McCain should be president was outstanding. Last night before I went to bed I was wondering what people on the left would come up with to trump the speech last night. I gave myself a reason to search out the leftist blogs and look at what they were saying. To my surprise (/sarcasm) they based their responses on her Hair Style, and called her Shrill, and went on to say that she didn’t actually say anything except to put down Obama.

Why shouldn’t she put down Obama? Here is a man who lacks moral judgments, goes on and attacks anyone who opposes him (through his party of course) and has been part of the problem with the leftwingbarkingmoonbatnutjobs in dragging Palin through the ringer, and has been partners with terrorist and racial pastors. I was ecstatic with what Paling did and my wife was as well.
That brings me to another point. My wife, who I love dearly, has never had an interest in politics and never, not one time, has liked a women running for office. Who can blame her when the only women who were constantly in politics (that she has seen) has been Clinton and Pelosi. Last nights speech by Palin had my wife hanging on the edge of her seat. Palin did something no other politician, especially a women, has ever done for my wife, which is grab her attention and make her think about political issues. This made her start asking questions about where this lady (Palin) came from and what has she done in Alaska? After some searching and telling her more about the issues Palin goes for, my wife was in awe. She was also very upset on how Democrats (the party of diversity and change) was treating Palin and has since talked non stop on how she wish Palin was running for president and NOT McCain.

This is an exciting time for not only women, but America looking for a good role model and to help put someone they can relate with in office. As a husband and a relative new comer to politics I can not comment on how well this speech rated among other great political figures, but I do know one thing. I know a winner when I see it and people Sarah Palin is a winner who in my opinion will never back down from a challenge or a foe and who will gladly get my vote if she ever decides to run for President!

Sarah Palin / Condoleezza Rice in the future anyone?