A young Republican

During my childhood I grew up in a house full of republicans. My dad, mom, grandparents were all republicans. During High School and college I was rebelling and didn’t vote mostly because of lack of interest and not seeing how one person could affect the whole nation. Call it stupidity or ignorance, but I wasn’t even willing to listen to candidates speak on issues regarding foreign policy, taxes and issues that matter to me.

In the last year I have come to realize that I am truly a republican. My family set of values, foreign policy, military standpoints, and stances on life issues make me see the way of the republican party. I must say however that I was not the happiest person when McCain got the eventual nomination, that is going to come in the next day or so, and am still not sure how he will run things like immigration. I do know that at the base of McCain his family values, beliefs, and future plans for this country are right in line (for the most part) on how I feel the nation should be run.

Lately with the introduction of Palin the blogs, media, and nation has been a buzz with the likes of this amazing women. They trash, degrade, make fun of, and smear her with mean euphemisms. I am sick of the so called party of change (Democrats) pushing this women who has taken on people for wasting money, corruption, and pork barrel spending to the front line of her own state while helping make the budget balanced and lowering taxes. Did I mention it was against fellow Republicans? She is a great women and I was surprised and am ecstatic by the choice McCain made for VP! My only hope is that Young America will regain their consciousness and wake up to the fact that the Democratic party is running a purely sexist, smear tactic campaign and try to look into the facts of who they are voting for before November.

One last note: I am a relatively young person just coming into my own on political issues, but this doesn’t mean my opinion counts any less than a man whose whole like if based on politics. I hope you enjoy my blogs and help me come into my own rather than try to bash me down.