Neutrality Obama Style - Israel and Iran

Obama’s pathetic response to the Iranian tyrants pogrom against the disenfranchised voices of dissent, and the Ayotollah’s stormtroopers cracking skulls in the streets of Tehran presents an interesting question for the future:

“Will Obama remain similarly deferential and silent when the “Muslim World” (as he showed in Cairo he is given to dividing up the world along religious boundaries) asks him to speak out against Israel for any action, deserved or undeserved, real or contrived, in the future…after he has been so reluctant and loathe to denounce the Iranian regime?”

Obama has set a precedent for himself as leader, and for the credibility of his Administration when dealing with human rights and liberty.  He claims to be an even-handed leader.  Any future deviance from this course regarding any denouncements of Israel or criticism of Netanyahu will be rightly viewed as duplicity and hypocrisy. The WORLD IS WATCHING…and they are watching Obama.