200 Votes For A New Majority

Dovetailing on my other diary about how to win the rhetorical battle with the Democrats over the Financial Crisis, I want to explain a strategy for winning back the House. Keep in mind, the Democrats hold the exact same number of seats we held in 2006, and if we play our cards right the GOP could regain the majority because of this Bailout.

One of the things that I don’t think Pelosi or her Democrat colleagues really thought they would have to do when they came to power is actually govern. Let’s face it, they ran on a Hate Bush platform, discontent over Iraq, and anger over earmarks. They’ve achieved absolutely nothing in 2 years, not even in the eyes of their own base. Their sole economic policy was raising the minimum wage. They lost bigtime to Bush on every Iraq vote. Even when they joined forces with Bush, as they did on the Amnesty Bill, they suffered humiliating losses and looked incapable of serious governance. They figured sometime around the summer of 2007 that they would pack it in and stop governing and legislating with the hopes of a Democrat in the White House in 2009. Since then they have engaged in pure partisan political theater, with occassional tough votes like whether to adjourn to go on vacation instead of dealing with opening up offshore oil drilling.


Now, all of a sudden, they are called upon by the Bush Administration, the Federal Reserve, and the global financial system, to help avert a catastrophe by passing a bill that will allow the U.S. Treasury to arbitrage its AAA credit rating against the toxic mortgage backed securities portfolios of the world’s financial institutions. Admittedly this is a difficult task, and one that in a more bipartisan atmosphere without a monumentous Presidential election a month away would still be a daunting task.

The point is, for the Speaker of the House to come out today and accuse House Republicans of being “Unpatriotic” if they don’t rubber stamp this bailout monstrosity the Democrats and Paulson have created, is tantamount to a declaration of partisan war.

In my estimation, the House GOP has no reason whatsoever to offer Pelosi and her Democrats any political cover at all after her intemperate remarks today.

They had no reason to before, but now they certainly should not. If Pelosi wants to do her job as Speaker and help pass the financial bailout she should get Hoyer and Clyburn together in their caucus and try to count their way to 218 votes. Let her members go back to their districts (many of them quite liberal) and explain their votes to the 60%-80% who disapprove of this bill. Let her Blue Dogs, the ones who put her in power two years ago, go back and face their constituents.

This is the same woman who has repeatedly chastised our side for “questioning the patriotism of fellow Americans”. This is the same woman who went over the Syria wearing a headwrap and appeased Assad while he was building a nuclear weapons facility that was bombed by Israel several months later.

The House Republicans should make Pelosi earn this vote. The Democrats absolutely are looking for a way to either load it up with corrupt kickbacks for ACORN and the like so they can vote for it, or they are looking for enough Republicans to vote for it so they won’t have to suffer the electoral consequences all on their own. I say call their bluff. Make them all have to vote for it, and see if it can get through the Senate intact.

Pelosi should have thought about reaching out to House Republicans before a crisis was upon her.

This vote may well be remembered in history much like the Iraq War Authorization in October of 2002. The Democrats controlled the Senate, they controlled the committees, and they could have blocked it. Thing is, they were afraid of the election a month away. They folded, and half of them voted for the war authorization. They’ve been running from those votes ever since, and some of their careers will never recover. I don’t want to see any House Republicans go through that. If they oppose it and make Pelosi pass it with all Democrats involved, then it becomes A DEMOCRAT ISSUE from now until election day. That way when it doesn’t work, either this month or next year, the Democrats have it hanging around their necks.