Ordering a Code Red

Today, the NRCC launched Code Red — a project intended to provide the public with information on the current state of the healthcare debate while alerting them that the House is the battleground for saving our healthcare freedom.

Additionally, this site provides ways for Americans to contact the Democrats whose arms Nancy Pelosi will be twisting to ensure passage of her healthcare takeover.

My team has created the hashtag #gopcodered for people to spread the word via Twitter about what they are seeing and hearing on the healthcare debate. Any tweets with this hashtag will auto-populate on the Code Red site. I hope you will use it and share it with your friends and other interested parties so that Americans can be fully educated on the backdoor tactics Nancy Pelosi will employ to takeover their healthcare. 

We cannot stop fighting to keep our freedom in healthcare. Just today Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) confirmed that Democrats will move forward with reconciliation if the House can pass the Senate’s healthcare boondoggle. This means that only simple majorities in both Chambers are required for passage – and the ability to filibuster in the Senate is gone. This means that our last hope to keep our healthcare freedom is to stop this reckless agenda in the House.

My colleagues and I will continue to fight for you, but we need you to contact Democrats and let them know they have two choices: vote with Nancy Pelosi or vote with America.