Generation Debt

America’s young people are being sacked with unsustainable – and perhaps insurmountable – sums of debt as the Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth Democrats continue their massive spending spree agenda.

Dan Coats discussed the need to lessen this burden on America’s next generation during a visit with Indiana University students in Bloomington yesterday afternoon.

Earlier in the campaign, Dan released his Plan for America’s Fiscal Health which would help return our country to fiscal responsibility by reductions in spending, reforming entitlements and balancing the budget. In addition, Dan called for reform of the broken earmark process and the implementation of the Line Item Veto.

You can see the entire Plan for America’s Fiscal Health here.


As he did prior to the Primary Election, Dan visited with voters and enjoyed a meal at Flap-Jacks in Avon this morning after appearing on radio programs across the state.