“Coats is on point on all the issues”

The NW Indiana Times endorsed Dan Coats this morning saying, “Coats is on point on all the issues and seems able to reach across the aisle — something the nation desperately needs.”

This sentiment was clear in the three U.S. Senate debates held over the past week. Dan shared his vision for the future – lower taxes, less regulation and reduced spending to get America back on track and Hoosiers back to work. At every turn, his opponent, incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth, instead focused on personal attacks and ignored his record of supporting the Obama-Pelosi agenda nearly 90 percent of the time.

One of the issues Dan is “on point” on is how we get our economy moving again. In early August, Dan unveiled his Plan for Economic Growth & Job Creation to reignite our economy and get Hoosiers back to work. His plan would oppose tax increases, reform the tax code, support small business & manufacturing and prioritize education and job training. Here’s a quick glance at the main parts of the plan:

· Fight Tax Increases

· Reform a complicated tax code

· Make the 2001 & 2003 bipartisan tax cuts permanent

· Repeal the estate tax

· Reduce regulations being placed on entrepreneurs

· Lift the burden of the costly, mandatory health spending bill

· Reduce the corporate tax rate to match industrially competitive countries

· Provide tax incentives to encourage businesses to return jobs to the U.S.

· Promote Flexibility in job training programs

· Encourage lower cost post-secondary educational options

Today’s Events

Dan will take a tour of Crane NSWC, have lunch with College Republicans at Indiana University, then take a tour and speak to employees at Overton & Sons Tool and Die in Mooresville.

Overton & Sons employs 60 people in Mooresville and another 30 in Franklin, Indiana. The company serves the automotive, energy, defense and safety industries, among others.

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the Communications Director for the Coats for Senate campaign.]