FactCheck.Org: Ellsworth Claim “False” with “No Evidence”

You’ll recall last week incumbent Congressman Ellsworth made a charge that would be offensive if it wasn’t so laughable.  In an act of desperation, he tried to connect Dan Coats to the loss of over 800 jobs at a now shut-down automotive factory in Wabash.

The nonpartisan FactCheck.org analyzed the claim and came to a simple conclusion: false.  Here’s what they wrote (emphasis added):

In Indiana’s Senate race, Democratic Rep. Brad Ellsworth falsely alleged

that his Republican opponent Dan Coats was involved in the closing of an

automotive plant that left more than 800 people out of work.

So, the question is: will Congressman Ellsworth admit to knowingly spreading false information in an attempt to distract Hoosiers from his record of supporting higher deficits, more spending and job-killing liberal policies?

Associated Press on Ellsworth’s Failing Campaign

After spending a few days in Indiana, a national correspondent for the Associated Press had this to say about Congressman Ellsworth’s campaign:

Trailing in the polls and lacking money to sustain a television campaign,

Ellsworth’s bid to succeed retiring Sen. Evan Bayh hobbled through the

summer and, thus far, has failed to inspire enthusiasm with just five weeks

left before the election.

Jeffersonville Round-Up

Dan spent Friday in Jeffersonville touring Geo. Pfau & Sons as well as enjoying lunch at Tommy Lancaster’s in New Albany.  Talking to Louisville’s WAVE news, Dan discussed the importance of keeping the bipartisan 2001 and 2003 tax cuts in place and his opposition to the Obama-Pelosi health spending bill – which was dutifully supported by Congressman Ellsworth.

From WAVE:

In talking about potential tax hikes if those Bush-era cuts evaporate,

Coats says any tax hike for any income, “just stifles growth.  You’ve

got to lower taxes or assure people that their taxes aren’t going to go

up if you want to send signals that companies should expand and people

will have more spending money in their pocket so this idea of raising

taxes on anybody at this point and time is a failed policy,” Coats said.

Coats said he is adamantly against the new healthcare bill.

“I could not have supported that bill.  I’ve never been in favor of this one

size fits all, jam everything and 1/6 of the economy into one big piece of

legislation.  No one fully understands this thing and we are now learning

things about the bill that are posing new taxes and new regulations and

we’re talking about doctor shortages,” Coats said.

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the Communications Director for the Coats for Senate campaign.]