Coats Earns CCAGW Endorsement; Ellsworth Rubberstamps Pork Spending

The contrasts between Dan Coats and incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth become clearer every day.

This morning, the Dan Coats for Senate campaign launched a third television ad. ‘The Choice’ highlights Congressman Brad Ellsworth’s support for Washington’s pork-filled spending spree agenda – including the Fiscal Year 2009 omnibus bill with over 8,500 earmarks totaling $7.7 billion added spending on the backs of the next generation of Americans.

In contrast, The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste PAC announced their endorsement of Dan Coats citing him as a “principled advocate for lower taxes and smaller government.” They added, “On November 2, 2010, voters in Indiana should support these candidates so that they can fight for fiscally conservative principles that are vital to the taxpayers in the 112th Congress.”

The contrast is clear: Dan Coats will work to reduce spending and lower taxes while Congressman Ellsworth rubberstamps the liberal Obama-Pelosi spending spree agenda.

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the Communications Director for the Coats for Senate Campaign.]