Fact Check: Coats Opposes Amnesty; Ellsworth AWOL on Key Arizona Question

As predicted this morning, we saw more attacks from the desperate-for-attention campaign of incumbent Congressman Ellsworth. Lacking money to air television ads (Dan Coats’ ‘Judgment ’ continues to air on television), now-Congressman Ellsworth has in recent days resorted to offensive personal attacks against Dan Coats.

Today the Congressman went another step by trying to change the subject away from his avoidance of the top question today on the topic of immigration.

Here are the facts : Congressman Ellsworth consistently refuses to take a stand on the most consequential immigration policy question of the day. It’s a straightforward, clear and important policy choice that the Congressman is dodging. In the Senate there are lots of ‘up-or-down’ votes every day. Tough choices for tough times.

So what is it: yes or no? Does Congressman Brad support President Obama’s position against Arizona’s common sense approach to immigration that the vast majority of Hoosiers support? Or is he once again on the side of President Obama and Speaker Pelosi? You can’t have it both ways.

Just as Dan Coats has been a decisive and vocal supporter of Arizona’s efforts, he also opposes amnesty and has a clear and responsible record on immigration.

A 1984 bill cited by Congressman Ellsworth was designed as a get-tough measure against illegal immigration and was supported by President Reagan. In 1986, another bill – commonly known as the “amnesty bill” – came to the floor and Dan Coats voted against it and has been consistently opposed to amnesty ever since.

Dan has voted for tougher restrictions including , but not limited to:

  • Hiring more immigration officers
  • Expediting deportation
  • Increasing penalties for those who smuggle

A number of very important issues will be addressed by the next United States Senate and Hoosiers deserve to know where Dan Coats and Congressman Brad Ellsworth stand on issues. On the most important immigration issue of the day – Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration bill – Brad Ellsworth refuses to take a stand.

Congressman Ellsworth: Yes or no–up or down? Please give Hoosiers a straightforward answer to the policy question. We’re all waiting…

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]