Energy Solutions for Hoosiers

Energy affects all segments of our economy; therefore, Hoosiers are rightfully concerned about energy supplies not meeting rising demands. They believe in protecting the environment while not hurting business or costing jobs for the sake of misguided energy policies. They also understand energy independence will both strengthen America within the global economy and enhance our national security position.

During a visit to POET Biorefining in Alexandria, Dan Coats, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, announced his Energy Solutions for Hoosiers proposal as part of his Plan for Economic Growth and Job Creation.

Among the proposals in Dan’s Energy Solutions for Hoosiers:

  • Reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil by increasing domestic supply and creating predictable vehicle efficiency standards for auto-makers
  • Encouraging producing of baseload electricity including clean coal, hydropower, natural gas, nuclear, geo thermal; renewable and alternative fuels such as clean coal-to-liquid technology; and wind power
  • Working toward policies allowing Ethanol to compete in a fair and open market
  • Doubling the amount of nuclear reactors over the next twenty years.

In reporting on the release of Energy Solutions for Hoosiers, please consider this quote from Dan:

“Rising energy costs are consuming a larger share of our family budgets

and hindering job creation. I support developing and implementing clean

energy technologies and energy efficiency to reduce America’s dependency

on foreign oil and make us less reliant on those sources of energy.”

You can read the entire Energy Solutions for Hoosiers proposal here.

Indianapolis Star Profiles Dan

Today, the Indianapolis Star profiles Dan as part of a series on the candidates for U.S. Senate. Check out the piece here.

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]

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