WashPost: Ellsworth a “Symbol” of Democrats’ Struggles

Calling incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth a “symbol of [the Democratic] party’s struggles,” following passage a series of unpopular legislation, the Washington Post this morning published a pre-bituary of the Ellsworth campaign more than two months before polls open.

Here’s what some of the key portions mean:

Ellsworth “has now become the face of the Democrats’ reversal of fortunes across the Midwest.”

  • That is, following their mis-read of their mandate after the 2008 elections, Democrats are poised to lose seats across the region.

“Ellsworth’s 2010 challenges are proving as formidable.”

Ellsworth is “battling low name recognition at a time when voters aren’t much interested in Democrats of any variety.”

  • Ellsworth has always faced an uphill climb in this election, but his record of supporting the Obama-Pelosi agenda certainly doesn’t help the cause.

Ellsworth “has taken few legislative risks during his two House terms.”

  • Instead he has stuck to voting with Nancy Pelosi 90 percent of the time.

“Ellsworth supported three pillars of the Democratic agenda – health care, the stimulus and the financial regulatory overhaul…”

  • Legislation Hoosiers have been overwhelmingly opposed to.

His “policy record was a blank slate” prior to first running in 2006.

  • Now it’s a slate of votes for extreme liberal legislation to increase taxes, sack businesses with more burdensome regulations and pile on deficits and debt.

Prior to running in 2006, the WP writes, Ellsworth had “never taken a position on a controversial national issue.”

  • Turns out, not much has changed. After the release of ‘Judgment’ – Dan Coats’ first television ad of the general election campaign – on Friday, Congressman Ellsworth has yet to explain why he voted to allow for the transfer of Gitmo detainees to the United States where they could have the same rights as American citizens!

Congressman Ellsworth at the end of the piece explains that, in his mind, “Democrats have nothing to be ashamed of.” EXCEPT of course, perpetuating near double-digit unemployment, adding trillions to our debt, bailing out Wall Street and shoving a massive government intervention in our health care system down the throats of the American people. Yep, “nothing” to be ashamed of, Congressman.

Today in Fort Wayne

Dan Coats is headed to Fort Wayne this morning to discuss how Hoosiers have a choice in November between a candidate with a dangerously naïve record on national security issues in Congressman Ellsworth or a candidate committed to vigilance and a record of service such as Dan Coats.

Dan will stop at Do It Best’s headquarters to meet with the company’s leadership as well as enjoy lunch with employees, before holding a media availability.

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]