"Smart Ad"

John McCormack of the Weekly Standard this morning called ‘Judgment’ – Dan Coats’ first television commercial of the general election cycle – a “smart ad” and “one that other candidates might want to copy.”

The Associated Press added Dan is “playing up his experience abroad [as ambassador to Germany] and criticizing his Democratic opponent in his first general election television ad.” They continue, “Coats also says Democratic Rep. Brad Ellsworth voted to close the Guantanamo Bay prison and ‘move terrorists to the U.S. where they could have the same legal rights as Americans.’”

The ad his just one day after the Associated Press pointed out that Congressman Ellsworth’s campaign “has taken his two commercials off the air.”

Today’s release draws the stark contrast between incumbent Congressman Ellsworth’s dangerously naïve record on national security and Dan’s vigilance and record of service. By voting against efforts to bar federal funds from being used to close Guantanamo Bay and preventing detainees from being brought to the United States for prosecution and incarceration, Congressman Ellsworth helped pave the way for President Obama’s plan to bring terrorists to Indiana’s backyard – where they could have the same legal rights as American citizens!

ICYMI You can watch ‘Judgment’ by clicking here .

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[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]