Stop Spending/Biden in Indy, Ellsworth Hiding

Deficits and debt have taken center stage as Americans look for ways to reignite our economic engine and create jobs again.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, according to today’s Wall Street Journal, echoed what Dan Coats has been saying on the campaign trail for months: stop spending! The WSJ writes :

Speaking last Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio, President Obama asked, "How do we, over the long term, get control of our deficit?" Good question.

Here’s the answer suggested by last Thursday’s semi-annual budget summary from the Congressional Budget Office: Stop spending so much.

To appreciate the magnitude of this spending blowout, compare CBO’s budget "baseline" estimate in January 2008 with the baseline it released Thursday. The baseline predicts future spending based on the law at the time. As the nearby chart shows, in a mere 31 months Congress has added more than $4.4 trillion to the 10-year spending baseline.

The spending bills supported by incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth – TARP Wall Street bailout , the jobless stimulus , the a bloated budget and the health spending bill – have accelerated federal spending to unprecedented levels and catapulted our nation to over $13 trillion in debt for the first time in history.

Dan Coats has consistently called for a halt to unnecessary spending measures – even those that are politically popular – until we get this mess under control including in his Plan for Economic Growth & Job Creation . As businesses look for certainty amid a turbulent economic client, Washington’s spending sprees don’t help.

Biden in Indy – But Where’s Brad Ellsworth?

Citing a “scheduling conflict,” incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth will be unable – or unwilling? – to meet up with Vice President Joe Biden during a visit to Indianapolis today.

The Hill says this morning, “Ellsworth has stated that he doesn’t want the administration’s help in his race against former Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.).”

Of course, this is a strikingly different response from one the campaign gave to WISH-TV in June when Jim Shella reported, “The Ellsworth campaign also indicated that it will invite the President here.”

Now Brad Ellsworth is saying, “I haven’t talked to anybody about coming to Indiana.”

Yet another example of the Ellsworth’s campaign unofficial motto: What Happens in Washington, Stays in Washington.

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]