Plan for Economic Growth & Job Creation

This week, Dan Coats visited two important Hoosiers employers – Langham Logistics and Caterpillar. Both companies stressed the importance of creating an atmosphere of economic certainty – not perpetuating the uncertainty felt by ever increasing taxes, intrusive mandates and more burdensome regulations shackled on business by the policies of Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth.

As Dan said at Langham Logistics Monday morning, “Trying to spend your way out of a recession doesn’t work. We’ve seen that with the stimulus. Trying to increase taxes to deal with the budget problems, instead of cutting spending, doesn’t work either.”

In order to begin restoring America’s economy and put Hoosiers back to work, today Dan Coats unveiled his Plan for Economic Growth and Job Creation at Paragon Medical in Indianapolis. Dan has called for placing spending restraints on Congress including:

  • Earmark Reform
  • Line Item Veto
  • Balanced Budget

Dan also believes supporting economic policies focused on encouraging businesses and industries to increase their level of confidence to allow risk, innovation, growth and add employment, are necessary to getting America back on track and Hoosiers back to work.

The Dan Coats Plan for Economic Growth and Job Creation includes:

  • Opposing tax increases on small businesses
  • Reforming a complicated tax code
  • Reducing regulations being placed on entrepreneurs
  • Lifting the burden of the costly, mandatory health spending bill
  • Reducing the corporate tax rate to match industrially competitive countries
  • Provide tax incentives to encourage businesses to return jobs to the U.S.
  • Flexibility in job training programs
  • Encourage lower cost post-secondary educational options

You can view a summary of the plan here or the entire Dan Coats Plan for Economic Growth and Job Creation here.

Paragon Medical

Founded in 1991, Paragon Medical employs over 850 people at three domestic and two foreign locations. The company integrates the manufacturing, storing, sterilizing and presenting of surgical instruments and related medical devices.

Companies like Paragon Medical are being hit with $20 billion in new tax burdens thanks to the Obama-Pelosi health spending bill dutifully supported by incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth.

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]

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