Sallie Mae Pleaded; Congress Ignored

In Indianapolis yesterday morning, Dan Coats listened to health care professionals lay out their concerns over the recently enacted Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth health spending bill. For the seventh time during the general election campaign, Dan heard an overwhelming consensus of pessimism concerning the outlook of their profession, upcoming cuts to Medicare reimbursement rates and the ability to ensure quality care for their patients under new government mandates and regulations .

The health spending bill not only included numerous job-killing provisions for the health care industry, but also wrapped the student lending industry under its umbrella as well. Included were modifications to higher education financial assistance programs that resulted in the swift elimination of jobs at Sallie Mae facilities in Texas and Florida.

Democrats, after several failed attempts to fully realize their goals of changing the student lending industry, made a brazen attempt to attach the provision to their unpopular health spending bill. Sallie Mae employees in both Fishers and Muncie pleaded with Indiana’s Congressional delegation – including Senator Evan Bayh and incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth – to reject the legislation as their jobs hung in the balance. Both ignored those pleas by voting for the job-killing health spending bill.

Today, Dan Coats will visit Sallie Mae’s Fishers, Indiana, facility to discuss the effects of the new federal mandates on their work and re-affirm his commitment to fighting for the jobs of those working at Sallie Mae’s Indiana facilities.

Yesterday’s Round-Up

Dan visited Kokomo, Peru and Wabash yesterday, making stops to greet supporters and volunteers at the Howard County GOP Headquarters, hear a briefing on the Hoosier Heartland Corridor and tour the Ford Meter Box and 5-Hour Energy facilities in Wabash, both providing hundreds of good jobs to Hoosiers.

Dan discussed the health spending bill, getting Hoosiers back to work and the overall extreme liberal agenda enabled by incumbent Congressman Ellsworth with supporters in Kokomo.

Prior to the meeting in Peru, Garry Peterson, a member of the Hoosier Heartland committee, said Dan was “instrumental” in the getting the project off the ground the Peru Tribune reported. At the meeting, Dan said, “I’ve always believed one of Indiana’s solid connector systems is like the spokes of a wheel. There’s a spoke missing in the Hoosier Heartland in connecting communities from east to west.”

After viewing the manufacturing and distribution facilities at 5-Hour Energy, Dan spoke to reporters and expressed his belief that entrepreneurs – such as those that founded 5-Hour Energy and brought hundreds of jobs to Wabash – are the lifeblood of our economy and should be encouraged, not discouraged, to create jobs. The Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth agenda has discouraged jobs and created a overwhelming sense of uncertainty amongst small business owners and entrepreneurs.

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]