ObamaCare Hurting Small Businesses

This morning, Dan Coats is attending a Roundtable with Health Care Professionals at St. Francis Hospital in Indianapolis. Since the beginning of the general election campaign, Dan has traveled to Seymour, Fort Wayne, Crown Point, Newburgh, Vincennes and Terre Haute to listen to the concerns of Hoosier doctors and health care professionals over the recently enacted Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth health spending bill.

The overwhelming consensus from health care professionals has been a pessimistic outlook about the future of their profession, upcoming cuts to Medicare reimbursement rates and the ability to ensure quality care for their patients under new government mandates and regulations .

To help remedy these concerns, Dan released his Hoosier Health Care plan in April – ten common-sense, cost-effective ideas to increase coverage, reduce costs and retain our personal liberties all while not breaking the bank.

From a larger economic standpoint, the Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth health spending bill is not only hurting doctors and patients, but will have adverse negative effects on small businesses looking to expand and create jobs. Instead of focusing on positive steps to incentivize job creation, the Obama-Pelosi Democrats – dutifully enabled by incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth – have supported deficit inflating, job-killing legislation such as the health spending bill.

A Bloomberg op-ed last week highlighted the work of small businesses in job creation and roadblocks in additional hiring due to the ObamaCare law.

Other Events

After the St. Francis roundtable, Dan is heading to Kokomo for lunch with volunteers and supporters at Howard County GOP Headquarters, to Peru for a briefing on the Hoosier Heartland Corridor and then to Wabash for tours of Ford Meter Box and the 5-Hour Energy facility – both businesses providing Hoosiers with good jobs.

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]