99 Days to Victory

Dan Coats traveled to Howard, Bartholomew and Boone counties this weekend to mark the final 100 days until the November 2nd election in addition to issuing a statement renewing his commitment to discussing the issues Hoosiers care about – jobs, the economy, health care and national security.

Dan shared the frustrations he has heard from Hoosiers across the state who want to “call a stop to the spending spree policies of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth.”

Among the policies Hoosiers have overwhelmingly and consistently rejected are the TARP Wall Street bailout, jobless stimulus, Democrats’ bloated budgets and the massive health spending bill – all opposed by Dan Coats and supported by Congressman Ellsworth.

Dan added he is “committed to confronting these issues and offering common-sense solutions to address the challenges we face in order to get America back on track and Hoosiers back to work. Hoosiers are looking for a representative to carry their values and voices to the United States Senate. I am committed to exactly that goal.”

The full release can be accessed here.

Seniors Foot Health Care Bill

Seniors will be forced to finance new entitlements for younger Americans according to The Wall Street Journal. In a piece this morning, WSJ reports, “Across the country, dozens of private insurers that run similar Medicare plans are preparing to pare dental, vision and certain prescription-drug coverage starting next year.” Thus, the Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth’s $200 billion in Medicare Advantage cuts will finance health coverage for younger, healthier Americans, contrary to Administration claims that seniors would not fund health insurance for the young.

Unemployment to Remain High

According to the Office of Management and Budget’s Midsession Review released Friday, our unemployment rate is expected to average 9 percent in 2011 and 8.1 percent in 2011. Wasn’t the stimulus bill supported by Congressman Ellsworth supposed to prevent unemployment from ever topping 8 percent?

[Disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]