Obama’s Numbers Continue Downward Spiral

Obama’s Numbers Continue Downward Spiral

Americans are continually frustrated, disappointed and less than confident in the leadership of President Obama and Congressional Democrats, including incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth.

Congressional Quarterly reports on a new Quinnipiac poll which finds “President Obama’s job approval rating his dropped to 44%, his worst net score ever…” Not only do these numbers not bode well for the President’s re-election prospects, but more immediately they serve as a gauge for how Americans are itching to roll-back the extreme liberal policies proposed by Obama and Pelosi and supported by Congressman Ellsworth.

Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown said, “[T]he disillusionment among independent voters, who dropped from 52% to 37% approval to 52% to 38% disapproval in the last 12 months, is what leads to his weakness overall…”

Why the sudden plummet? The Wall Street TARP bailout , the jobless stimulus , the bloated budget and the health spending bill (both times ) – all policies trumpeted by President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and dutifully rubberstamped by incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth.

Dan Signs ‘No Climate Tax’ Pledge

This morning, Americans for Prosperity announced Dan Coats signed their No Climate Tax Pledge. Conspicuously absent from the list of signers is incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth.

The Obama-Pelosi cap-and-tax energy scheme would devastate Hoosier businesses and cost thousands of jobs.

To view the full release click here .

[Full disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]