And the momentum continues…

And the momentum continues…

Dan Coats has the wind at his back in the Indiana Senate race.

In the past three months, Coats won a competitive 5-way primary, raised an additional $1.5 million and holds significant double digit leads over incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth in public polls.

According to campaign finance reports to be filed today, Dan Coats raised $1,501,132.63 from 2,045 individual supporters, and ends the quarter with $1,060,737.50 on hand.

Some key statistics:

  • Total Donors: 2,645
  • Total 2nd Quarter Donors 2,045
  • Total Percentage of donors who are Hoosiers: 71.1%
  • Total Percentage of donors contributing less than $200: 62.4%
  • Total Hoosiers making small contributions: 1,444

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As independent analysts, journalists and pollsters have pointed out in recent weeks, Dan is well positioned for victory in November.

If covering the FEC story, please consider the following quote from Coats advisor Kevin Kellems:
Dan Coats has generated strong statewide support because he advocates

rolling back the liberal Obama-Pelosi agenda, limiting the role of government,

stopping runaway federal spending, and ensuring a strong national defense.

“Hoosiers all across Indiana are contributing time and hard-earned dollars to

support Dan Coats because they want a Senator who will work to get our

economy back on track, get Hoosiers back to work, and serve as a check and

balance to the Obama-Pelosi agenda.”

Business sees “Policy Burdens Inhibiting Economic Growth”

In a powerful 54-page report submitted to the Obama Administration this week, the Business Roundtable and the Business Council wrote, “Virtually every new regulation has an impact on recovery, competitiveness and job creation. Often that impact is negative.”

The extreme liberal government-knows-best agenda of Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth is hurting businesses. The facts are evident across the country. As President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth push their liberal agenda, nearly ten percent of Americans remain unemployed with even more having given up their search for jobs altogether.

To make matters worse, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a poll of “over 300 small business owners, who expressed pessimism in the economy and the White House’s ability to turn it around.” A whopping 71 percent said the “job situation will stay the same or get worse in the next six months.” In addition, 46 percent indicated the Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth job-killing policies are in fact “making [the economy] worse.”

[Full disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]