Cap-and-Trade Gimmicks

Cap-and-Trade Gimmicks

“New taxes, new burdens, more government telling us what to do” – that’s what Democrats continue to push in Congress even in the midst of economic uncertainty, said Dan Coats on the Garrison program on WIBC yesterday.  In order to ensure their agenda is passed with as few obstacles as possible they have taken to “changing the rules” and “jamming” their priorities – not America’s priorities – through to the President’s desk.

Dan specifically pointed to Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid’s plans to attach the unpopular cap-and-trade legislation supported by the Democrat majority and President Obama to bipartisan legislation to address the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

“Harry Reid wants to take the oil spill crisis and add cap-and-trade to it,” said Dan.  “Why?  Because he can’t get it through on its own.”  Dan said this tactic was a “gimmick” and echoed Rahm Emanuel’s belief that you can “never let a crisis go to waste.”

On Iran

Dan and Garrison briefly discussed Dan’s op-ed in the Indianapolis Star on Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  The “squeeze” should have been put on Iran more than a year ago, said Dan.  Now we are “forced to accept the unacceptable” because of the Obama Administration’s weak foreign policy posture.

On Kagan

On the news of the day – the start of Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings – Dan cautioned that Kagan seemed all too willing to “inject her own views” on decisions made by the court.  “Legislation should be made in Congress, not in the Supreme Court.”  He added that she “deserves tough questions” and from what has seen and read about President Obama’s court pick, Kagan “would not be an appropriate choice” for a seat on the bench.

[Full disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]